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National Reserve Bank

Established in 1994, NRB holds an outstanding track record and an impeccable reputation as one of Russia`s leading commercial banks.

We are focused on implementing our strategic priorities programme, forming close ties with companies operating in the real sector of the Russian economy.

We are committed to maintaining our positive financial performance while operating within strictly defined capital adequacy and risk management guidelines.

Курсы валют
НРБ г.Москва Покупка Продажа
USD 03 сен 36,8000 38,1000
EUR 03 сен 48,2000 50,2000
GBP 03 сен 60,6000 63,0000
CHF 03 сен 39,7000 41,7000
USD 03 сен 37,3480
EUR 03 сен 49,0193
GBP 03 сен 61,8408
CHF 03 сен 40,5868


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